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What Should I Do if I Have a Nervous Dog? 🤔🐶

As a dog owner, you want your furry friend to look their best in photos. However, not all dogs are comfortable in front of the camera. Some dogs may become nervous, anxious, or stressed during a photoshoot, which can make it difficult to capture the perfect shot. Here are some tips on what to do if your dog is nervous at a photoshoot:


📸 Discuss any concerns with your photographer

It’s completely understandable that you would be concerned about having your dog professionally photographed if they tend to be nervous. It’s always suggested to speak to your photographer about this prior to attending, they are experienced with all types of dogs and can help to ease your worries and come up with ways to settle them.



🧸 Bring familiar objects

Bringing familiar objects can help your dog feel more comfortable and relaxed during the photoshoot. Bring their favourite toy, blanket, or treats to help them feel more at ease. These familiar objects can also help to distract your dog and keep their attention focused on something other than the camera.



🗓 Consider what you will be doing that day

You want to make sure that your dog is as settled and calm as they can be, so this means you may want to consider what their day will look like before the shoot. Perhaps think about taking them for a walk before you go to put them in good spirits and keep them calm, you may also think about if there is an area near the studio to walk them to settle them down prior!



⏰️ Take breaks

Photoshoots can be tiring for dogs, especially if they are nervous or anxious. Take frequent breaks to give your dog a chance to rest and recharge. Use this time to give them treats, play with their favourite toy, or simply give them some love and attention.



😊 Be patient

Patience is key when working with a nervous dog. Your photography session won’t be rushed, the photographer will let you take your time and let your dog get comfortable in their surroundings. Remember, the goal is to capture a beautiful photo of your furry friend, so it’s important to work at their pace.



In conclusion, a nervous dog can make a photoshoot challenging, but with the right approach, you and your photographer can help your furry friend feel comfortable and relaxed. By following these tips, you can help your dog look their best in photos and capture beautiful memories that you will cherish for years to come.

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