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SuperDog of the Month Relaunches in October 2021!

We’re excited to announce SuperDog of the Month returns in October with a special relaunch competition!

This competition will feature images from the suspended February and March 2020 competitions, plus entries taken since June 2020.

• The Relaunch Competition will begin in October 2021 and will award 1 overall winner with a £100 Pets at Home voucher.

• Images that achieve 2nd to 9th place in the Relaunch Competition will receive automatic entry into the SuperDog of the Year competition for a chance to win £1000!

• The SuperDog of the Year competition opens in November, and will include ALL Winners and Top-10 Finalists from the 2019/20 competition, plus the Relaunch competition.

Changes to Voting

Images featured in the relaunch competition will be live for voting on our website, instead of the SuperDog of the Month Facebook page. Once voted for; you can still share your favourite image with your friends and family by clicking ‘Share’ underneath each image.

Entries will continue to be displayed in numerical order and watermarked with the name of the studio attended by entrants. The number of votes each image receives will no longer be displayed, preventing entrants from knowing their dog’s overall position in the competition until it is judged. Each bi-monthly and annual competition will continue to be judged using our 4 judging panels: Photographers, Dog Owners, Sponsors and the new Public Vote.

Entrants will be contacted via SMS message and email ahead of time with more details on how and where to vote.

We’re looking forward to starting the competition in October!

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